Why so serious? Go from 😴 to πŸ₯° with emotional marketing.

October 13, 2023
Generate sales with emotional triggers in your marketing.
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Has your marketing become a bit too serious? Do you need ideas on how to make people dive into your products like a hungry wolf at a meat buffet? The answer is simple: With emotional triggers, you can get closer to your customers and vice versa.

We don’t need to use long, boring formulas because today it’s all about spicing up our marketing with a good dose of emotions and a pinch of humor. So put on your emotional life jacket because we’re about to sail out into an exciting ocean of feelings. πŸ’—πŸ’₯

1. Tell Stories

Behind every product, there’s a story. What inspired you to create it? What challenges do you want to solve? Let your customers immerse themselves in your story and understand the value of what you offer.

2. Inspire Fear

Nothing sells like a little dose of fear, right? Use threats that are personally relevant in your communication… OK, it sounds crazy, but (!) it’s true: Create a “fear of missing out” by offering time-limited discounts.

Not many will pass up a good deal if they’ve already shown interest in your product.

3. Harness Your Customers’ Natural Greed

Combine your customers’ greed with free pleasures! Stretch a bit and get your customers to think, “If I make a decision now, I’ll be rewarded.” Who can say no to an extra little treat?

4. Effective Altruism Makes Both You and the Customer Heroes

If you have the opportunity, it can be a smart idea to highlight your company’s altruism – what you do to give back to the world, whether it’s the environment, poverty, or hunger.

Make your customers heroes by appealing to their social consciousness. For example: “With every product purchased, you’re helping children around the world with X. A purchase that makes a difference!”

5. Let Previous Customers Convince Your New Ones

Product and service reviews have always been popular and, due to their strong impact, have given us the concept of “Social proof.” Before the internet, we relied on friends and family’s oral reviews. Today, consumers happily use sites like Trustpilot.com and blindly trust strangers’ reviews of online shops.

So protect your reputation, collect good stories, and share them with the world.

6. Build Trust

Trust is the key. Use social proof and share your most important contact information. Add necessary and relevant security certificates to reassure your customers.

Once trust is established, sales are just around the corner!

How many of these points can you check off? βœ… These approaches are already tried-and-true methods for solid marketing. So I hope you’re inspired to go out and conquer the market. πŸš€

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